FRI 5:30AM-7PM
Adult Programs
With an emphasis on teamwork and cooperation, the Carroll County Community Center offers recreational and league sports for men and women who want to have fun in the camaraderie of others while getting an excellent workout.
Men's Basketball League
Because fun has no age limit! Join our competitive Men's Basketball League where all teams are promised 10 games and entry into the playoffs.
Karate Do
Give yourself a head start and a new way of life through self-respect, discipline, confidence and martial arts education! At the end of each session you will have the chance to test for their belt.
Slowpitch Coed Softball
Get in the game with the Carroll County Community Center Slowpitch Coed Softball League! Join the fun and excitement of team athletics in a safe, positive environment. Games take place Sunday afternoons at the Flora Community Park.
Coed Volleyball
If you're looking for the kind of challenge that made you fall in love with the sport in the first place, then the Carroll County Community Center Coed Volleyball is it! Teams participate in a 6-week season, followed by a tournament for all teams.
Adult Art Classes
Marc Chagall painted as subject matter: emotion, with love being the chief one expressed. He believed his art was only successful if he painted something God made, as opposed to man. Students will choose from the same type subjects and objects as Chagall included in his paintings; fish, birds, flowers, hearts, night, stars, brides. These were placed into the composition with a dreamlike quality, with subjects and objects floating and ephemeral. Watercolors will be the medium used.
FLORA, IN 46929